How to Find a Commercial Buyers Agent

Embarking on a commercial real estate journey demands careful consideration, due to the significant financial investment required. A commercial buyer’s agent plays a vital role in providing an unbiased viewpoint, aiding in the crucial financial analysis of the property to ensure you make a well-informed decision, unhindered by personal biases and focused on the commercial property’s potential and financial stability. Below is my guide for you, on how to find a commercial buyer’s agent:

Engage with Professional Associations

The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) is a key association representing real estate professionals. Tapping into their resources or directories can help locate experienced commercial buyers agents in your desired region.

Harness the Power of Online Platforms

Websites such as and Domain, provide a plethora of commercial property listings. These platforms also allow you to view profiles of listing agents, read reviews, and get a sense of their familiarity with specific regions and property types.

Online Research

Start your search by exploring websites of commercial real estate firms to check if they offer commercial buyer’s agent services. Reach out to the respective agents and examine their online profiles. Generally, these profiles furnish details about their expertise, areas of specialisation, and client testimonials or reviews.

Investigate further other residential real estate domains, for property advisory firms, to discover if they provide commercial buyer’s agent services as well. Initiate contact with the firm and scrutinise the online profiles of each agent. Larger firms might feature both local and interstate commercial buyer’s agents, as well as residential buyers agents, providing insight into their experience, specialties, and client feedback or reviews.

Connect with Commercial Brokerage Firms

Firms such as Colliers International, CBRE Australia, InvestorKit and Knight Frank Australia are some of the renowned names in commercial real estate in the country. Their extensive networks and experienced agents can provide a deep dive into local markets and offer tailored services for young couples.

Engage on Social Media Platforms

Australian commercial agents are increasingly active on platforms such as LinkedIn. Their profiles, posts, and interactions can give a glimpse into their professional networks, areas of expertise, and recent transactions.

Participate in Real Estate Educational Events

Many institutions and organisations offer real estate courses and seminars in Australia. Places like the Australian Property Institute (API) and TAFE frequently run courses and workshops related to commercial real estate, offering not just education but also networking opportunities.

Join Online Real Estate Communities

Websites like PropertyChat provide forums for Australians to discuss real estate investments. These platforms can be a great place to hear about others’ experiences and get agent recommendations.

Explore Property Investment Platforms 

Platforms such as InvestSmart offer insights, tools, and analysis for real estate investments (including both residential and commercial) in Australia. While they primarily cater to residential markets, they often have sections or tools geared towards commercial investments and can be a good starting point for research.

After collating a list of potential commercial buyers agents, a rigorous interview process, coupled with a verification of their credentials, will ensure that the chosen agent is not only competent but also resonates with your personal and financial aspirations.

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