Top 6 Benefits: Why You Should Use a MORTGAGE BROKER

A financially savvy investment grade mortgage broker can offer a multitude of benefits to you, when looking to find the best home loan product, for your needs. Their expertise lies in understanding ‘you’, the borrower’s financial situation, objectives and goals, and then finding a product and matching you with the most suitable applicable and available. Further specific benefits of using an investment grade mortgage broker, include:

  1. Access to a WIDE RANGE OF HOME LOAN PRODUCTS: Mortgage brokers have access to a vast range of home loan products from various lenders, including those that you may not have considered or even know about. 

Benefit – This wide selection can help you find a mortgage or home loan product, which best fits your financial situation and needs.

  1. Saves you TIME AND EFFORT: We are all very busy and using a mortgage broker can save you the time, of searching for a mortgage or home loan product.  This can be a time-consuming and complicated exercise. 

Benefit – A mortgage broker does all the heavy lifting for you, from researching and comparing various loan options to managing the application process – Saving you time.

  1. EXPERTISE: Mortgage brokers are professionals in their field.  Understanding the home loan market, the home loan application process, and how different home loan products work. 

Benefit – Enabling professional expert advice tailored to your specific circumstances and needs.

  1. PERSONALISED AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: A mortgage broker assesses your specific financial situation and understands your needs and goals.  Gathering all this information, ensures that the short listed home loan products, meets your requirements and long term objectives.   

Benefit – This service allows the professional mortgage broker to ‘recommend’ the home loan products, most suited to you.

  1. ASSISTANCE AND ACCOUNTABILITY, from start to finish: A professional mortgage broker will guide you through the entire process, from the initial stages of seeking pre-approval to the final settlement of your property. 

Benefit – Ensuring you keep on track, saving time and keeping you accountable.

  1. No COST TO YOU: Generally, the mortgage broker services are free to the borrower, there is normally an upfront establishment fee when you settle and an ongoing trailing commission paid over the life of the loan, by the bank or lender you end up choosing, that are paid directly to the mortgage broker. 

Please Note: Review all product and disclosure documentation, including the service agreement or contract with the mortgage broker, prior to formalising anything. It is essential to ask and talk about fees and commissioning before you proceed, this information should be fully disclosed and should be forthcoming, when reviewing the product and or service.

Benefit – No out of pocket fee to the borrower, when using a mortgage broker. 

Remember this is not financial advice and we are not financial professionals, the content on this website should not be construed as professional financial advice. Before making any financial decisions or taking any actions based on the information presented on this website, we strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified and licensed financial advisor

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