How to Become a Residential Buyers Agent

  1. UNDERTAKE A REAL ESTATE COURSE: Register for a real estate course approved by the regulatory body in your state or territory, such as the Queensland Office of Fair Trading or the Real Estate Institute of Victoria. This course will cover topics like property management, real estate laws, ethics, and finances. For each of the states and territories, the Real Estate Academy of Australia (REAA) has a sample of the courses listed, you can see through each of the links below:
  1. PASS THE REAL ESTATE AGENT LICENSING EXAM: Upon completing the course, take the state’s real estate licensing exam to test your understanding of real estate principles and laws.
  1. JOIN A REAL ESTATE AGENCY: As a licensed real estate agent in Australia, you need to join a recognised estate agency. This will offer you the legal right to practise real estate and provide valuable industry experience.
  1. GAIN EXPERIENCE: Initially, work across various aspects of real estate to identify your strong points and interests. Learn from seasoned agents, volunteer for open house inspections, and attend industry networking events. 
  1. SPECIALISE AS A BUYER’S AGENT: Once you’ve acquired some experience, you can decide to specialise as a buyer’s agent. This requires you to gain an in-depth understanding of market trends, negotiation tactics, and buyer needs.
  1. CONTINUED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The property market is ever-evolving, making continued professional training crucial. Many states require real estate agents to fulfil a set number of professional development hours to maintain their licence.

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