Best Residential Buyers Agent Podcasts

These listed residential real estate podcasts are for anyone looking to further knowledge and understanding the property buying process, learn strategies for success, and get an inside look at the advantages of working with a residential buyers agent. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, purchasing your primary place of residency (PPOR) or an Investment Property (IP), these top podcasts have been hand picked, offering a wealth of information, to guide you through the complexities of the Australian real estate market and using a residential buyers agent

  1. The Property Couch: Hosted by property investment advisors Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley, this podcast delivers advice on building a property portfolio in Australia. 

Buyers Agent Episodes:

  • Episode 18 | What is a Buyers Agent and Do You Need One? 
  • Episode 92 | Why A Buyers Agent is Worth the Money 
  • Episode 402 | Do You Need a Buyers Agent in Today’s Market? (Part 1) 
  • Episode 403 | Do you need a buyers agent? (Part 2) 

The Property Couch on Apple Podcasts

  1. Your First Home Buyer Guide Podcast: Tailored for first-home buyers, hosts Meighan Hetherington and Veronica Morgan provide actionable advice and share personal stories to guide you through the buying process, including how to work with buyers agents.

Your First Home Buyer Guide Podcast on Apple Podcasts

  1. Real Estate Talk: Kevin Turner brings a wealth of knowledge and interviews with real estate professionals, including buyers agents. The podcast touches upon various aspects of residential real estate, providing a broader understanding and specific episodes discussing the role of buyers agents.

Real Estate Talk on Apple Podcasts

  1. The Smart Property Investment Show: The podcast caters to property investors in Australia, providing strategies, stories, and advice with occasional covers material on how buyers agents can assist in the residential property purchase process.

The Smart Property Investment Show on Apple Podcasts

  1. The Elephant in the Room Property Podcast: Hosts Veronica Morgan and Chris Bates tackle the tricky questions in the property market, including insightful discussions about the benefits and the ‘how-to’ when it comes to hiring buyers agents.

Buyers Agent Episodes:

  • Episode 217 |  Property Advisors, Buyers Agents, and the Educational Gap Issue 
  • Episode 262: How To Not Become “Just Another Buyers Agent”
  • Episode 289 | The Million-Dollar Question: Is There a Property Success Formula

The Elephant in the Room on Apple Podcasts

  1. The Property Buyer Show: Aimed at aiding Australians in making savvy property choices, this podcast touches on diverse aspects of buying, with episodes that highlight the advantages of engaging buyers agents.

The Property Buyer Show on Apple Podcasts

  1. The Michael Yardney Podcast: Michael Yardney shares insights on wealth creation, property investment, and success. His podcast includes discussions on working with buyers agents for residential property investments.

Buyers Agent Episodes:

  • 25th of April, 2023 – Red Flags to Watch Out for When Choosing a Buyer’s Agent with Veronica Morgan

The Michael Yardney Podcast on Apple Podcasts

  1. Property Investor Podcast: Is a podcast series designed to empower and educate listeners on the intricacies of residential property investment within Australia. You can expect deep dives into market trends, investment strategies, property management, and the role of various real estate professionals, including residential buyers agents. 

Buyers Agent Episodes:

  • Podcast #8 | How Qualified Is Your Buyers Agent?
  • Podcast #12 | Pros & Cons Of Using A Buyers Agent

Property Investor on Apple Podcasts

  1. The Australian Property Podcast: Covering the A-Z of the Australian property market, this podcast provides insights and advice with occasional discussions on how buyers agents can assist in navigating the residential property landscape.

Buyers Agent Episodes:

  • 18th of May, 2023 – Q&A: Protection against building defects, approaching buyer’s agents & FIRE

The Australian Property Podcast on Apple Podcasts

  1. Property Investory: This narrative podcast features interviews with successful property investors and industry experts, including buyers agents, offering listeners a look at the strategies and benefits of engaging professionals in property buying.

Property Investory on Apple Podcasts

  1. Get Invested: Host Bushy Martin shares inspiring property investor stories and expert interviews, including insights from buyers agents, offering listeners a comprehensive look at how professionals can aid in property investment.

Get Invested on Apple Podcasts

  1. Geared for Growth – Property Investing Podcast: Is an insightful podcast covering interviews with property experts and successful investors, sharing their strategies, experiences, and tips to help educate and motivate individuals looking to thrive in the property investment sector.

Buyers Agent Episodes:

  • BONUS SERIES Episode 32 – The value proposition of a buyers agent with Michelle Tucker & Linda Johnson 
  • Episode 62 – Purchasing property without a buyer’s agent, with PK Gupta
  • Episode 70 – Becoming a buyer’s agent, with Veronica Morgan
  • Episode 88 – From novice investors to buyer’s agents, Lisa and Brian Happ share their inspiring story

Geared for Growth Property Investing Podcast

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