Empower Wealth Review

Financial Independence through Residential Real Estate

Empower Wealth stands out as a dedicated property and investment advisory business. Their holistic, professional and unique approach lies in crafting tailored financial plans for clients, aiming to create financial independence, improving your  financial position. With a primary focus on residential real estate, their in depth, qualified and financial advisors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Initial Engagement (September 2019): 

My introduction to Empower Wealth was through their insightful podcast, “The Property Couch.” This podcast offers practical insights on buying residential properties covering fundamental principles, be it as an investment or a primary residence, and aptly states their mission: ‘we fix bad property advice’. Interestingly, it was a refreshing experience that the podcast didn’t regularly plug their core business. After several months of listening to the episodes, I took the plunge and scheduled a free initial consultation in early 2020, just as the COVID-19 storm was brewing. The introductory consultation mirrored their YouTube video (“What to expect at your Initial Appointment with Empower Wealth?”)

and was an enlightening experience. The level of expertise and assurance I felt during this interaction convinced me to undertake a comprehensive review of my finances and design a property-centric financial roadmap for my journey ahead.

Strategic Residential Property Plan (May 2020): 

Assigned to me was a licensed financial planner named Alex. From our first meeting, his passion, experience, professionalism and breadth of knowledge in the residential property landscape was evident. Not only was he well-versed with the latest market insights, but he was also an active property investor himself. Our discussions spanned around my financial aspirations and goals. Once we had a clear roadmap in sight, I provided all necessary financial details for a thorough review. The entire process of devising, revising, and finalising the plan took roughly eight weeks, with the cost divided into two phases – initial drafting and final publishing of the detailed plan.

Buyers Agent Partnership (August 2020): 

With a solid residential property strategy in place, the next phase was execution. My first investment property was acquired in August 2020. I’m grateful that Empower Wealth’s buyers’ agent team approached me at this juncture. Their professionalism and transparency made the entire buying process smoother than I had anticipated. With a clear brief, they shortlisted three properties, providing an in-depth overview of each. Their proficiency, especially in setting pricing boundaries and negotiating, became evident when we secured a property at the very first auction we attended. Their profound understanding of market dynamics and trends ensured that I acquired a high-quality investment without overpaying. Given this positive experience, my future property investments will undoubtedly be with Empower Wealth.

In conclusion, my journey with Empower Wealth has been a testament to their dedication, expertise, and commitment. For anyone looking to navigate the residential real estate market with clarity and confidence, I wholeheartedly recommend Empower Wealth.

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