Residential Buyers Agent – Types of Services Offered

Buyer’s agents offer a range of services to assist buyers during the process of purchasing a residential property.

Full Service (End-to-End): The buyer’s agent will handle every aspect of the buying process; this can include establishing a buyers’ brief and budget, conducting market research, sourcing and inspecting suitable properties, negotiating the sale price, and dealing with relevant professionals like solicitors and building inspectors, through to settlement and exchange.

Auction Bidding (only): If a property the buyer is only interested in is going up for auction, the buyer’s agent can represent the buyer at the auction. Using their expertise to bid strategically, to manage the process calmly and effectively, to secure the property for the buyer.

Providing an Appraisal and Negotiate Sale: For buyers who have found a residential property, but require expert advice and assistance, a buyer’s agent can inspect the property, conduct a detailed market appraisal, review comparable properties and then negotiate the purchase on the buyer’s behalf.

Property Research and Shortlisting: For buyers who don’t have time to search for their desired residential property, a buyer’s agent can conduct market research, inspect potential properties, and provide a shortlist, however leaving the final decision and negotiation to the buyer.

Each of the services provides a different level of assistance to home buyers. While the full service is the highest in terms of cost, it also offers the greatest extent of professional help. On the other hand, the property research, negotiation only and shortlisting service may be budget-friendly, but requires the buyers to be more actively involved in the purchase of the property.

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