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Steve Palise is a growing name in the world of property investment. He started his real estate journey buying his first investment property at the age of 22 and was able to retire on the passive income from his portfolio by the age of 28. He’s since decided to jump back into the property world and is now offering his services in investment property strategy design, as a residential buyers agent, and as a commercial buyers agent.

I engaged Steve to help me design my property investment strategy and this was my experience.

Initial Contact (September 2022)

I initially found Steve through a property investment Facebook group and then learnt more about him through his interview about his commercial property due diligence video below:

I reached out to Steve through his website and was on the phone with him within 24 hours for an initial chat. From the call, it was easy to tell that he was both a top-shelf bloke who cares about helping you achieve your goals and that he also really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to property investment.

We spoke for about 45 minutes about my situation and goals and it was clear that he was a good fit for me. We organised to meet again in 2 weeks once a business I’m currently selling has been finalised to sit down and develop a strategy.

Signing Up (December 2022)

As with all great business adventures, my business sale just stretched out and stretched out which meant I still didn’t have the initial deposit for my commercial property when Steve Palise sent his Xmas signup 50% discount offer in December, 2022.

Despite the deposit not being finalised (and not being finalised until March 2023), this seemed like a good opportunity to sign up so I paid my onboarding fee with the 50% discount and then played the waiting game.

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